Your personal garden brings nature to your home. Do you simply want to relax, enjoy time or be creative outside? We create the possibilities to do so for you. Optimally use your home and enlarge your living space until the boundaries of your property. Create valuable living spaces outside which give you energy and strength for your well-being.

We are your partner for the individual creation of private gardens.





Asian Gardens

Do you love Asian garden art?

We are your partner for the planning and realization.




Individuality and the acknowledgement of your needs are our motivation.

We are your partner from the idea to the planning until the realization of your designed ambience outside because your garden at home is an area for living, retreat and recreation.                                                  



Design of slopes

The stylish shaping and securing of slopes is a difficult challenge. The right choice of materials and plants is of crucial importance.

We are your partner for the planning and construction.



Rock gardens

Rock gardens are an easy-care alternative arranging your garden. To keep it low-maintenance, the correct choice of materials and plants is key. You decide in which way and colours your rock garden is constructed.

We support you and your ideas.



Cottage gardens

The blossoms of the flowers are bees´ and many other insects´ source of life. Watch colourful butterflies, bumblebees and other insects attracted by their scents.



Sitting areas

Individually planned sitting areas offer different perspectives in your garden. Depending on the season you can enjoy the warming sun or pleasant shade.