Whether pool, swimming pool, swimming pond or stream, water in every form is an important element in the design of a garden.

The right design, colour combination and illumination produce an exceptional experience.



Pools and Ponds

Spend every day like a holiday in your garden relaxing with your family. With us your garden becomes a space for leisure and retreat. The planning requires already the consideration of many details.

We are happy to consult you.



Swimming ponds

Swimming ponds can be designed very naturally. Due to the natural filter provided by the plants the water keeps clean and chemical additives can be spared.


Garden ponds

The form and effect of a garden pond depends on the materials and plants used. Experience water in its most variable form. Further water features or stream courses make a pond an artistic element in your garden.



Stream courses

Experience water in its most vivid form and feel the relaxing effects of running water. The right choice of shape, pace, and illumination can make for fascinating light effects.



Bridges and piers


To see water from a different perspective and float above it is a special experience. Witness the fascination and relaxation provided by the proximity to water.

We are your partner because it is the details that are important for planning and realization.

We take the time you need.