To relax, feel comfortable, or be creative, it all starts with the atmosphere around us.

We are your partner for the planning and realization of your individual wishes and demands. Our detailed planning gives your home ambience a very personal and unique character.





The beauty and value of real estate is also decisively determined by the quality of the outdoor facilities. We ensure that the stay of your guests or tenants is going to be unique and individual.


Rooftop greenery

Green roofs create a pleasant and balanced atmosphere and are a good alternative to a tile roof, provided that the roof pitch allows it. Our own breeds of rooftop plants guarantee a colourful or colour-coordinated , easy-care rooftop green.





A nice lawn starts with the substrate it grows on. Whether sowing or laying turfs, we are your partner for the preparation, laying and maintenance of your lawn.



Path construction

You decide which ways to go and where they should lead you. We ensure that harmonic paths will guide you comfortably to your destination, no matter if on straight or curvy paths.



Rooftop gardens

The beauty of a rooftop garden lies in its individuality. The choice of materials, plants and substrates is decisive in this regard.

We are your partner for the planning and construction of your rooftop garden. Our own breeds of rooftop plants ensure a vital and easy-care rooftop garden that is harmonic in colour and shape.



Walls and Gabions

Walls and Gabions are design elements the harmony of which is crucially determined by the material, construction and accompanying plants.

Individually planned light effects can create a unique atmosphere which is going to delight you.

We are your competent partner.




Terraces are green living rooms. Simply finding a home with friends on a balmy summer night. Only one’s own fantasies and imaginations can limit the beauty and aesthetics of your place. Experience the possibilities of individualism with us.



Plants XXL

The effect of a garden is only as good as the charm of its elements. The art lies in the combination of the proportions. Plants and their appropriate utilization play an important role in this. Every piece of wood gives you some history and sometimes it is older than us.



Big trees

Out of respect and responsibility for the life of old trees we developed very considerate methods for the loading and transport of larger plants. We acknowledge and respect the site conditions of every individual tree and ensure that they literally feel at home at yours. Our specialists examine the conditions on-site so that you and your new green companion will have much pleasure together. Also we gladly offer aftercare for your trees.




Climate change causes longer periods of extreme weather. Consequential aridity can result in burns in your lawn or disturb the growths of your plants. Modern irrigation systems offer time and water efficient possibilities to water your plants. The installation of an underground system is perfect for that.

We are your partner for the planning and construction of modern irrigation systems.


 Our service includes:

  •              Garden planning, design and architecture

  •             Ponds, swimming pond/pools, streams

  •             Rock gardens, Asian gardens, miniature gardens

  •             Rooftop gardens/rooftop greenery

  •            Walls

  •     Paths

  •         Lights

  •           Irrigation systems

  •           Cutting and caretaking services

  •           Year-round maintenance